Regina Business – A look into Coda Clothing & Shoes


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Regina is a frigid prairie town located approximately 2 hours north from the American border.  Regina is filled with a diverse population and an even more diverse business collection.  The Business I will be blogging about is Coda Clothing & Shoes.  Coda Clothing & Shoes is a premiere business run by a premiere entrepreneur, Colter Wood.  Coda is a high-end clothing and shoe shop located at 2326 Albert St. Regina, SK.  There are many things about this local business that make it exceptional to others, wether it be their exceptional customer service, high quality products, or overall positive attitude.  Colter has done a superb job creating an absolutely outstanding business and I applaud him for it.

The idea of a “Clothing Boutique” came into Colter’s head while he was on an exchange in Europe. The idea wasn’t taken seriously until his last year of university. They scouted out a property and Coda Clothing & Shoes officially opened in October, 2008.

One of the big things that sets Coda apart from other business’ is their selection of brands. Most of the brands Coda carries you can’t find anywhere else in the city, making coda a very select store. The brands that do carry are also very high-end, high quality brands like WESC, Naked and Famous and Reigning Champ. The overall high quality and select brands makes Coda the #1 place to shop.

Business Edge.  You might think Coda has the edge on other business’ because of the quality of their products or, the fact that most of the brands they carry you are unable to find anywhere else in the city.  But neither of those are, It is all about the customer service.  The staff hired at Coda, Apt. 3b, or Cade, they are a certain type of person.  A person who that is nice, non-condescending and ready to help any type of customer. They are willing to go the extra mile to get a sale. Willing to help you out in any way possible. And best of all are everyday people just like me our you.

Coda is a booming business, with the recent opening of two new stores, Apartment 3B, And Cade style Lounge, they have placed themselves in a category of premiere business and will stay there for a long time.


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