The Greatest Sport On Earth

Kyrie Irving- Point Guard

Kyrie Irving – Point Guard

Micheal Jordan- Shooting guard

Micheal Jordan – Shooting guard, Small Forward

I’m very passionate about many things, but not as much as I am with Basketball.  I’ve been playing since 2nd grade and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I played community basketball all through elementary, as well as grades 6,7,8, and 10.  We had city final appearances in grade 6,7, and 8 but only coming out with 1 Victory.  Grade 10 has been my favourite year, playing lots practicing lots and best of all improving my game.

While I’m not playing the game I’m watching or studying the techniques of players and teams; whether they are in College or the NBA.  My Favourite player of all time is Kyrie Irving, point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  I also enjoy watching highlights of Micheal Jordan, some say the best player to ever play.  When you first start playing the game, its very basic just shoot and dribble.  But once you get to a higher level you learn a variety of plays, and defenses.  All of this just to become the best player you can.

Basketball isn’t a sport for everyone.  You need to be fast, agile and smart to understand and react to situations. Basketball is a challenging but very enjoyable sport.  That’s why I love it.




One thought on “The Greatest Sport On Earth

  1. Great post. You really did a fantastic job exemplifying why you love basketball. I enjoyed reading about the players you posted about and learning about your passion. I wish you all the best in terms of success in the future.

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